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10 must-follow Instagram accounts for home decor inspiration





Instagram isn’t just great for finding memes, food photos or travel bloggers. It’s also rife with design-themed accounts packed with eye catching images of interiors, architecture and decor accessories making it a great resource for #designinspiration. Whether you’re planning for your next home renovation project or just want a feed of the latest trends coming in from around the world, we’ve combined a list of 10 accounts that will have you double tapping in no time.


Photo: jeremiahbrent/Instagram

As the co-host of Nate & Jeremiah by Design on TLC, Jeremiah Brent forms half of a design power couple alongside fellow celebrity interior designer and husband Nate Berkus. Mixing elements of fashion, family life and his interior design work, Brent’s Instagram feed will keep you hooked with interesting posts, warm tones and moody hues. Be sure to check out his Insta stories for creative paint palettes, design notes and sample boards!


Photo: annaleena.interiors/Instagram

Interior and product designer Annaleena Leino has created a visually stunning account showcasing modern Scandinavian design. The minimalist aesthetic is combined with photos of interior spaces characterized by clean lines, Scandi-style furniture and layers of luxurious textiles.


Photo: sophierobinsoninteriors/Instagram

Interior designer and judge on the UK’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, Sophie Robinson’s Instagram feed is bursting with color and personality. But you won’t just find pretty photos of rooms and interior spaces here. Robinson approaches her account with thoughtful storytelling ensuring that each post includes a caption that gives us a glimpse into her life and personal inspirations.


Photo: thetiffanypratt/Instagram

Scrolling through HGTV designer Tiffany Pratt’s Instagram is sure to give you an instant boost to your mood. Her vibrant personality and personal mantra of “This can be beautiful” is evident in her colorful posts of interior spaces, accessories and day-to-day shenanigans.


Photo: well__received/Instagram

The monochromatic vibe of this Instagram account is in stark contrast to Tiffany Pratt’s but just as compelling. Interior stylist and company founder Julie Van Daele has created a soothing palette of blacks, whites and greys mixed in with elements of beige, brown and elegant touches of gold.


Photo: studium_inc/Instagram

If you’re looking for some tile inspiration for your next home renovation project, this account is for you. The New York-based showroom offers a unique and eye-catching collection of materials, patterns and custom designs that aren’t just worthy of your bathroom floor but could easily be on display in an art gallery.


Photo: jonathanadler/Instagram

Renowned designer Jonathan Adler started his career in pottery, but after selling his collection of ceramics to Barneys New York in 1993, he quickly expanded into housewares, furniture and decor accessories. His unique aesthetic often pairs bold colors with opulent spaces with a mid-century feel.


Photo: studiomcgee/Instagram

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and cozy up by the fireplace because Studio McGee’s Instagram account will have you feeling warm, fuzzy and brimming with design envy. This husband and wife team has styled hundreds of welcoming, livable spaces that exude warmth and functionality since launching their firm in 2014.


Photo: designstuff/Instagram

Danish-born Christina Fedders has brought the hygge way of life to Melbourne, Australia through her Scandinavian-focused home store. The Danish concept of wellness and cozy living is injected in her contemporary collection of housewares, gifts and furniture which she regularly features on her feed.

10. design.junkie


Photo: design.junkie/Instagram

Combining her passion for travel and decorating, Julieta Tello’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of boho and ethnic-inspired design accessories from around the world. Her carefully curated posts will have you feeling a sense of wanderlust with things like colorful suzanis from Uzbekistan, hand woven baskets from Ghana and intricate rugs from Peru.


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