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Pinterest predicts the top 10 home decor trends for 2019





Image: Pinterest

We love year-end lists as much as the next person (how else would we know which podcasts to listen to on our way to work?), but there’s something about a trend predictions roundup that gets us excited about the year ahead.

The Pinterest 100 was released this week, giving us a sneak peek at all the emerging trends in travel, wellness, fashion, decor, food and more. While 2018 was all about terrazzo, mixed metals and statement ceilings, 2019 is set to become the year of “living color” — which is not to be confused with Pantone’s Living Coral.

Expect to see DIYers dipping into cans of paint, plant parents flexing their green thumbs, and Millennial Pink to be ousted by a new “it” hue. Keep scrolling to find out which decor trends made Pinterest’s top 100 list.

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1. Mustard yellow is becoming a must-have (+45%)

Photo: michellematangi/Instagram

Call it Gen Z Yellow, Rebel Yellow or plain-old mustard, but this cheery hue is taking the design world by storm. Go bold with an accent wall or change up your throw pillow mix with a tassel-adorned velvet design.

2. Modern fireplaces are heating up (+763%)

Photo: thecasacollective/Instagram

Fixer Upper convinced nearly all of America that white-painted brick paired with a reclaimed wood mantle was the only feasible fireplace option. Now that the show is over, we’ve started to see a re-emergence of sleek and modern fireplaces in varying designs.

3. Knit is getting real (+1,718%)

Photo: maryannemoodie/Instagram

Woven wall hangings have been a “thing” for quite some time. However, the 2019 iteration of textile art is bigger and bolder — think quilt displays, hanging rugs and colorful framed weavings.

4. Geometric wall murals are taking shape (+225%)

Photo: inspiredbythis/Instagram

The secret to DIY-ing a geometric wall mural is a roll of painter’s tape. With a little imagination and a steady hand, you can create an Insta-worthy backdrop over the course of an afternoon.

5. Tin tiles are back in style (+563%)

Photo: americantinceilings/Instagram

Get-tin’ ready to remodel your kitchen or want to add some pizzazz to the fifth wall? Vintage-inspired tin stamped tiles are set to make a comeback in 2019. Affix them to your backsplash, kitchen island or fireplace surround for a charming, Old World look.

6. Cacti are looking sharp (+235%)

Photo: westelm/Instagram

We hope hard-to-kill plants never go out of style. Cacti arrangements are expected to be just as popular in 2019 as they were in 2018. Pinners are getting creative with their use of containers, repurposing fish bowls, teacups and hollowed-out tree stumps.

7. Greenery is on the up-and-up (+287%)

Photo: verdealcove/Instagram

Life in the concrete jungle can be a bit gray at times. Urban dwellers are increasingly seeking to green up their small living spaces with vertical gardens. Whether planted indoors or out, they’ll improve the air quality and your concentration (it’s science). 

8. Paint offers a quick DIY fix (+1,276%)

Photo: angelarosehome/Instagram

If retiling the entire bathroom just isn’t in the budget for 2019, consider repainting that tired linoleum instead. With a tile stencil and a lot of patience, you can transform your floors from drab to fab.

9. Wallpaper is making a statement (+401%)

Photo: howwelive_official/Instagram

Paint is great and all, but have you ever witnessed the transformative power of patterned wallpaper? These days, there are so many removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper options on the market. There’s very little mess involved and you won’t be overwhelmed by design regret if you grow tired of it in two years.

10. Pools are going au naturale (+262%)

Photo: reesrobertspartners/Instagram

Chlorine stinks, but it can also lead to dry skin, irritated eyes and unsightly green hair. In 2019, homeowners will be searching for chemical-free alternatives on Pinterest. Natural swimming pools typically use aquatic plants and biological filters to purify the water, which means they’re environmentally friendly and better for your health.


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