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Tub,Tile,Sink Refinishing Kit - QUICK DRY (WHITE)
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BATHWORKS - DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kits

Bathtub refinishing paint, that has been created by the professionals, and is used by the professionals.

BATHWORKS is a top of the line, Commercial grade Bathtub and Bath Wall refinishing kit formulated to provide an extremely glossy, very durable, long lasting finish. This DIY bathtub refinishing system is used all over the country in residential homes as well as Marriotts, Sheraton, Homewood Suites, and more. 

Unlike other bathtub refinishing paint kits, which are based on epoxy paints that easily peel and discolor, BATHWORKS tub refinishing paint is a 2 part resin, and the resulting finish is a porcelain-like, hard, glossy surface that won't easily, chip, peel, crack, or yellow.

BATHWORKS DIY bathtub refinishing kits can also be purchased with the Non-Slip additive for extra safety. Easily applied to the finish. A permanent replacement to old bath mats that produce mold and bacteria.

If you have questions about refinishing your particular tub, shower, sink, or wall surround please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section.